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Minimize Dependence on Glasses

Advanced Technology Lenses

As a result of recent advances in Vision Correction techniques and technology, we are pleased to offer the Advanced Technology Lens program to our patients. Unlike traditional cataract surgery, the Advanced Technology Lens program uses a variety of technologies to minimize or, in some cases, eliminate your need for glasses after your surgery.

Traditional Cataract Surgery
With traditional cataract surgery, there is a high likelihood that you will need glasses for most activities after your surgery. Therefore, you will have the additional replacement cost of glasses through the years. Medicare and most private insurance carriers will pay for 80% of your traditional cataract surgery costs. This is considered basic coverage.


Advanced Technology Lens Program
Advances in cataract surgery, as well as lens and laser technology, allow us to design a treatment program to minimize your dependence on glasses or contact lenses after cataract surgery. Each person’s treatment will be custom-designed to meet the needs of your individual lifestyle as well as your eyes' unique characteristics. To maximize your vision, you will receive one or a combination of techniques which may include a multifocal lens, toric lens for astigmatism, monofocal lens, Lasik, or Advanced Surface Ablation. 


The fee for the Advanced Technology Lens evaluation is $350. Although Medicare covers 80% of the basic costs of your cataract operation, the Advanced Technology Lens program involves additional costs, which may range from $1900 to $2950 (the evaluation fee is applied to these additional fees). These additional costs are not covered by Medicare or private insurance and therefore are out-of-pocket.


Let our staff know if you are interested in the Advanced Technology Lens program while making an appointment or during your visit.

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