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Cornea Transplantation

Clearing Scar to Restore Vision

The cornea is a clear layer of tissue on the front surface of the eye, like a watch crystal on a watch. Various diseases of the eye can cause a clouding or a change in the shape of the cornea, either of which can cause severe vision loss. In these instances, a corneal transplant may be necessary to restore vision. This delicate, highly specialized operation is performed only by corneal specialists, surgeons who have completed a fellowship in corneal transplantation.

In the past, patients in Monterey County had to travel to Stanford or UC San Francisco to have this procedure because no corneal specialist practiced locally. However, in 1998, shortly after his arrival in Salinas, Dr. Jones performed the first corneal transplant in the history of Monterey County.

In 2007, Dr. Page became the second corneal surgeon in Monterey County to perform corneal transplants. Additionally, Dr. Page became the first local ophthalmologist to perform a novel and less invasive form of corneal transplantation called Endothelial Keratoplasty.

Working together, Drs. Jones and Page are able to create detailed and individualized treatment plans for each patient as well as provide the most skilled surgical and post-operative care available.

Vantage Eye Center is the only place for cornea transplantation and rehabilitation in Monterey County.

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