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Lower eyelid blepharoplasty.Upper  bleph

Cosmetic Eye Surgery

Turning Back the Clock

You treasure your vision and have selected doctors at Vantage Eye Center to provide top-notch eye care. You may also want to improve the way your eyes look, make your eyes look younger, more refreshed and still ensure that your eyes are healthy.

Through a comprehensive examination Dr. Bernardino will discuss and recommend the best treatment(s) to address your cosmetic eye concerns.

Non-Surgical Aesthetic Treatments
Aesthetic facial enhancement has made great strides lately. In the past, patient commitment was significant in terms of both cost and medical risk; surgical intervention was the only possibly way to enhance one’s appearance. However, with advances in medical technology, patients can now pursue cosmetic enhancement with minimal financial cost and surgical risk. In addition, the majority of these “cosmeceuticals” are not permanent and therefore a patient who is concerned about the permanent alteration of appearance can try a cosmetic enhancement with less fear. Cosmeceuticals also offer a bridge until longer lasting, surgical interventions are necessary or warranted. Cosmeceuticals can address skin surface issues, such as skin texture and quality, pigmentation irregularities, wrinkles (both static and dynamic), and volume deficiency (from aging changes or sun exposure).

Reducing wrinkles around your eyes and face
Wrinkles around the eyes tend to make you look tired or older than you feel. They too can be caused by sun exposure, smoking, and aging changes. Wrinkles around the eyes and face may be dynamic (change with smiling) or static (constantly present). Dr. Bernardino uses Injections of Botox Cosmetic to improve dynamic wrinkles, while static wrinkles can be improved with fillers like Juvederm XC.

Improving your skin condition:
One’s skin condition has multiple components including color and texture. Rough, dry or oily skin, abnormal skin pigmentation or fine wrinkles can also give a tired or aged look. 
Chemical peels can improve rough skin texture and fine wrinkles while dry or oily skin and irregular skin coloration can be improved with a prescription strength skin regimen including daily cleaners and medication. Dr. Bernardino can prescribe home treatments to improve your skin.

Increasing your eyelash length and thickness:

Thick, longer lashes give the eye a youthful, energetic appearance. Dr. Bernardino use Latisse to improve the thickness and length of your lashes to improve your eyes’ appearance. Latisse can be purchased at Vantage Eye Center in Ryan Ranch and Salinas.

Many of these treatments can be provided the day of the consultation with little or no recuperation. Dr. Bernardino can also evaluate you for more permanent, surgical interventions, if warranted or desired.

Getting rid of ‘bags’ around your eyes
Your eyes may look tired or feel heavy or extra skin or ‘bags’ show under them. These changes may be due to sun exposure, smoking, allergies, genetics or aging changes. Regardless of the cause, if you find them objectionable or the droopy eyelids affect your vision there are surgical procedures to correct the problem. Dr. Bernardino performs sutureless surgical correction of droopy eyelids (ptosis repair), droopy eyebrows (brow lift) or removal of excess skin and fat (blepharoplasty) to improve the appearance of your eyes and possibly improve your visual function.

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