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Reconstructive Eye Surgery

Functional and Aesthetic Outcome

Dr. Bernardino performs comprehensive oculoplastics procedures including eyelid, lacrimal (tear drain), and orbit (eye socket) surgery.

Eyelid Surgery
Eyelid surgeries include repositioning eyelid which turn out (ectropion), turn it (entropion), or droop (ptosis). These procedures are used to correct sagging or drooping eyelids. In addition, moles, cysts, styes, and skin tags on and around the eyelids can usually be removed as a simple outpatient procedure. Dr. Bernardino also treats skin cancers around the eye, either through surgical excision with reconstruction or after Mohs surgery performed by a dermatologist.

Lacrimal (Tear Drain) Surgery

Lacrimal surgery is often required when patients have tearing due to an obstructed tear drain (nasolacrimal duct). Dr. Bernardino performs minimally invasive balloon dacryoplasty (balloon dilation of the tear drain), endoscopic dacyrocystorhinostomy (DCR), and sutureless external DCR (the gold standard) for tear drain obstructions causing chronic tearing or eye infections.

Orbital (Eye Socket) Surgery

Orbital surgery is surgery on the bones around the eyes. For patients with trauma causing fractures, a sunken eye (enophthalmos) or double vision (diplopia), Dr. Bernardino repairs these fractures to restore normal eye socket anatomy and function.

For patients with bulging eyes due to thyroid eye disease (Graves disease) Dr. Bernardino performs decompression, removal fat and bone around the eyes to restore normal eye appearance and function.

Finally for patients who have lost their eye to trauma, infection, or cancer, Dr. Bernardino performs reconstruction (enucleation or evisceration) to restore the appearance of the diseased eye.

Vantage Eye Center eye surgeons focus of vision restoration.

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