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COVID Update - Masks Required

As many of the COVID pandemic restrictions are being lifted in California, we would like to update you on the updated COVID protocols at Vantage Eye Center. Our protocols are designed to emphasize your safety and privacy.

As recommended by the CDC and mandated by CA Health Department, we will continue masking policy in all our offices. That means when you visit Vantage Eye you will be required to wear a mask throughout your visit. If your mask does not cover your mouth and nose, our staff will remind you to position it properly. Furthermore our staff will wear masks throughout your visit.

You may bring one family member only with you to your visit and wait together in the waiting room. During the examination, your family may also stay in the exam room with you. However, if you are bringing multiple family members and/or children, our staff will advise you to have them wait in the car during your visit.

We will also continue to keep examination rooms open, to encourage air flow. Equipment will be cleaned between each patient. These measures are designed to keep you safe and to comply with guidance from CDC/CA Health Department.

Just as important, Vantage Eye values your privacy. Therefore our staff will not be asking your vaccination status. Although we encourage you to pursue vaccination for COVID, we will not be asking nor documenting your vaccination status. Furthermore, we ask that you respect our staff’s privacy, and not ask about vaccination status of staff, nor demand to be seen by only vaccinated staff members.

We hope this protocol will allow to enjoy a little more freedom/efficiency during your visit while ensuring your safety and privacy. If you have any questions about our protocol, feel free to email at or call our office and ask to speak to the office manager.

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