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Vantage Eye Center Is Focused on Safety

Vantage Eye Center is focused on your safety during the COVID-19 Epidemic. Starting Monday, May 4th, Vantage Eye Center will be opening all three locations for patients visits. However, we will be implementing changes in your care to ensure your safety and the safety of our staff.

If you are visiting any of our three locations or Vantage Surgery Center, we ask that you wear a mask or face covering as mandated by the Monterey County Health Board.

We ask that you come to your appointment alone, unless you are accompanying a minor for an appointment, or you need someone to assist with mobility/transfer or communication/understanding during the examination. If you are coming for a dilated eye examination, we ask that your driver remain in the car.

When you arrive you will be asked the following questions:

In the last 14 days have you:

1. Had a fever or signs / symptoms of a respiratory illness such as a cough or shortness

of breath? (Fever is defined as 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) 2. Had close contact with someone with lab confirmed COVID 19? 3. Traveled outside of the United States?

We will also check your temperature to ensure you do not have a fever.

If you pass the initial screening, we will take your cell phone number and instruct you to wait in your car. When the staff is ready to start your examination, they will text you to return to the office.

If you cannot wait in the car, you can wait in the office waiting room but will have to abide by social distancing protocols (greater than 6 feet between patients).

Vantage Eye Center staff will also abide by the same protocols. All staff will be screened daily with the same questions as patients and have their temperature checked before entering the facility.

All Vantage Eye Center staff will wear masks. Additionally staff will wear face shields when appropriate.

All Vantage Eye Center staff will abide by social distancing protocols when possible.

All common areas and surfaces in Vantage Eye Center will be cleaned and sanitized frequently throughout the clinic day.

All patient examinations rooms will be cleaned and sanitized before every patient encounter. This includes the examination chair, slit lamp, exam room desk and computer.

All clinical staff will wash their hands before and after every encounter with every patient.

Vantage Eye Center will continue to monitor and follow the recommendations of county and state health officials and the guidelines from the CDC. We may modify our protocols as conditions and recommendations change.

We want to assure you that we are providing the safest environment possible in order to provide you the best eye care possible.

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