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Virtual Vantage Eye

The doctors and staff at Vantage Eye Center hope you are staying safe at home. We recognize that the COVID-19 virus outbreak has affected our day-to-day lives and that includes delivering top-notch eye care.

Based on the current state and federal guidelines, we are only offering in-person medical care for patients with eye emergencies, conditions which need urgent evaluation at the Salinas office. Our other offices at Ryan Ranch and Cass Street will be closed starting Monday, April 5th. Furthermore there are no surgeries at Vantage Surgery Center until further notice.

Patients with appointments for vision examinations for eye glasses/contact lenses, or routine follow-up examinations will be rescheduled. Our staff will contact you if we need to reschedule your appointment. We appreciate your cooperation and hope to see you in person soon.

However, we realize that there are a subset of patients who do not have vision threatening conditions, but have conditions which cannot wait for a routine follow-up examination. Patients with a swollen eyelid, a red eye, or mild eye discomfort which would benefit from a consultation but currently cannot be seen in-person. For these patients we would like to present a new service, Virtual Vantage Eye.

Virtual Vantage Eye will be an online video consultation service staffed by Vantage Eye doctors that you know. Patients will be able to make appointments with our staff, and be examined through the portal. As long as your eye condition can be evaluated through video conferencing, you can be examined.

Just like an in-person examination, the doctor will talk to you, evaluate your condition, make a diagnosis, and render treatment which may include prescribing medications. If your doctor determines you need an in-person evaluation, they will make arrangements for you.

Technical requirements for this consult is a computer or cellphone with audio/video conference capabilities and a good internet connection. Your Virtual Vantage Eye visit will be documented in your medical record. We will also bill your insurance for consultation.

If you are interested in a consultation, you can email to schedule a Virtual Vantage Eye appointment. We look forward to seeing you.

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